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Tiffany H. Spikes has been an educational advocate for 14 years. She graduated from North Carolina Central (NCCU) with bachelor degrees in elementary education. Later, Tiffany decided to further her knowledge in education. She attended University of Phoenix (UOP) for her master’s degree in curriculum, instruction, assessment and a concentration in educational leadership. Tiffany enjoyed her experience with UOP that she returned for her specialist degree in curriculum instruction and educational leadership. While she worked on her specialist degree, Tiffany was working at a Title I school and supported grades 3-5 with instructional strategies to increase reading and writing scores. She has partnered with curriculum consulting companies such as I- Ready to pilot instructional materials that will increase student achievement. Tiffany Spikes believes that it is important to connect with the community to make sure that all students and schools receive equity educational opportunities.

Tiffany, an educational advocate, who continues to have the heart to serve and the eagerness to build partnerships that address the school community’s needs. While working in the educational field for 14 years, Tiffany also lead and volunteered community events that targeted the social factors that affect student academic achievement scores. Tiffany has worked with local churches to set up summer youth programs;  worked as a board member in providing lesson and ideas to integrate the arts with literacy (American RAVES);  assisted other non- profit organizations with donation drives (7th Seal Group, Inc.); and participated in television pledge drives by Georgia Public Broadcasting to collect funds for their educational programs that are provided at no charge to Georgia educators or schools. The most recent community partnership that Tiffany established under World Communities is providing curriculum for a newly established tutoring center called Do Dream. Do Dream Academy, located in Suwanee, needed a well- written curriculum that could help the ESOL and special education students with the Common Core reading standards. Tiffany Spikes hopes to work with many communities across the world and provide all students with quality educational resources and services.